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Cejita Cemetery
Near Bueyeros, Harding County, New Mexico

Driving Directions: Approx. 5.7 mi W of Rosebud School on NM 203 (also 4.7 mi W of Country Road H), then SW 0.65 mi (this road starts on the S side of fenced area); on W side about 200 feet.

Cemetery Cejita Cemetery
County Harding
GPS N 35.82734, W103.58687




Last Name First / Middle Born Died Inscription
CHABEZ Cruz 1909 Feb 21 1909 Feb 21
HARRISON Milton ~ ~ Sgt. Co. G 1st. Reg, Cal. Vol. Cav.
LOVATO B.E. 1882 Jun 5 1919 Mar 15
LOVATO Pedro J. 1877 Sep 18 1922 Dec 12 Son of Julio Lovato and Florentina Espinsa; Husband of Manuelita