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Brady and Hindman Cemetery
Brady's Ranch east of Lincoln, Lincoln County, New Mexico

Photo by George Bacon

Driving Directions: NE 5.7 mi on US 380 from US 70 at Hondo. Approximately 500 feet S of US 380, just before lane headed S. Private.
There is a U.S. military marker for Brady, with the inscription "Capt. Wm. Brady, Co. A, 1 N.Mex. Cav."

Cemetery Brady and Hindman Cemetery
County Lincoln
GPS N33.45011, W105.33110





Last Name First / Middle Born Died Inscriptions
BRADY William J. 1829 Aug 16 1978 Apr 1 Born County Cavan, Ireland; Capt Co-A 1 NM Cav; Lincoln County Sheriff killed by Billy the Kid
HINDMAN George 1978 Apr 1 Deputy Sheriff Lincoln County killed in ambush by Billy the Kid with William Brady