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Coyote Canyon Cemetery
Crowpoint, McKinley County, New Mexico 

Driving Directions: North of Twin Lakes on US 481;  9.2 mi E of US 491 on Navajo SR 9 (exact location of cem unknown).

Cemetery Coyote Canyon Cemetery
County McKinley
GPS N35.77484, W108.62107



Last name First name Born Died 76 Inscription
BEGAY John N. 1918 Jul 17 1994 Aug 16 76 Husband of Maxine Begay; Born Lynn Co., TX
JARVISON Annie Brown 1903 Jun 1 1996 Nov 21 93 Wife of Tohe Jarvison; Born Gate, OK
PLATERO Jeff W. 1962 May 12 1996 Sep 25 34 Born Burlingham, CA
SMITH Bertha Moore 1923 Apr 25 1996 Jan 8 72 ~

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