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New Mexico State Hospital Cemetery
Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico

 Directions: From Hot Springs Blvd (NM 65)  enter Hospital grounds at S end, going W on Gallegos Rd. Turn N on Medical Center Drive to large parking lot on W side.
 From N end of parking lot, follow road W 0.3 mi to cemetery on N side.

Cemetery New Mexico State Hospital Cemetery
County San Miguel
GPS N35.60833, W105.24961



These names represent all visible markers as of April 2008.

Last name First name Birth date Death date Age  Inscription
CORDOVA Elique L. 1902 1967 65 `
DAVIS Flora 1881 Mar 4 1959 Jun 10 78 `
FISHER David 1928 Jul 10 1998 Jan 10 69 Beloved Brother, US. Army
GONZALES Juanita 1870 1953 83 Mother
MARTINEZ Juanita 1878 Jun 16 1974 Apr 24 95 `
MONTOYA Anita D. no dates ` `
NAIL Morgan E. 1881 1958 77 `
VIGIL Lucinda T. 1884 Dec 3 1958 Oct 25 73 Our Beloved Mother
WELDY George Lee 1876 Oct 1961 Aug 10 84 Father

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