Saint Francis of Assisi Churchyard Cemetery
 Santa Fe County, New Mexico (in Golden NM)

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Mora to Roosevelt  ~ San Juan to Sierra ~ Socorro to Valencia

Driving Directions: Approx 18 miles N of I-40 Exit 175, on NM 14, E side

Cemetery Saint Francis of Assisi Churchyard
County Santa Fe
GPS 35.09406 106.37897





Surname Given / Middle Birth Death Notes
CHAVES Benito no dates    
GONZALES Rosalia 1917 Jun 27 1969 Nov 11  
GUTIERREZ Juan A. 1891 Jun 13 1953 Nov 20  
MARTINES Jose   1927 Dec 17 Beloved Mother
MARTINEZ Josefita M. no dates    
MONTANO Demetrio 1894 Dec 25 1956 Jun 26  
MONTANO Manuel E. 1930 May 27 2002 Apr 23  
MONTANO Maria Luisa G. 1897 Aug 24 1956 Jun 26 NM Pfc QMC World War I
MONTANO Mary 1972 Apr 16 1972 Apr 16 Beloved Father (Direct Mortuary)
PADILLA Carlos 1911 Feb 3 1951 Dec 8 Direct Mortuary
PADILLA David B. 1947 May 24 1998 Feb 14  
SAIZ Michelle no dates    
TAPIA Amalia G. 1914 Sep 9   Pvt U.S. Army Vietnam; Husband of Eufilia Padilla

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