Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials

Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell was born September 14, 1818 in Kaskaskia, Illinois.  He was the son of Hugh J. Maxwell and Odile Menard.  He married Ana Maria Luz Beaubein on June 3, 1844.  She was born in 1829 in Taos, NM and died Jul 13, 1900 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.  Lucien died Jul 25, 1875 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico and his grave is in the Fort Sumner Cemetery, Fort Sumner, NM.

Lucien was a fur trader and became the sole owner in 1864 of the largest single tract of land owned by one individual in the United States.  He founded the First National Bank of Santa Fe and invested $250,000 to build the Texas Pacific Railroad.

Lucien and Odile children:

  1. Pedro Menard Maxwell known as Peter (b. 27 Apr 1848 in Taos, NM – died 21 Jun 1898 in Fort Sumner)
  2. Virginia Maxwell (b.12 Dec 1850 in Cimarron, NM – died 7 Sep 1915 in El Paso TX)
  3. Emelia Maxwell (b. 1852 in Rayado, NM – died 1884 in Fort Sumner, NM)
  4. Maria Sofia Maxwell (b.8 Jun 1854 in Rayado, NM – died 4 Jan 1887 in Los Lunas, NM)
  5. Marie Eleanor Maxwell (b.1856)
  6. William Julian Maxwell (he was adopted)
  7. Verensina Maxwell (b. 3 Aug 1860)
  8. Paulita Maxwell (b. 1864)
  9. Odile Berenisa Maxwell (b. 25 Jul 1869)

Pedro Menard Maxwell was known as Peter.  He married Sarah C. Lutes (or Lutz).  A legend says that Billie the Kid was shot in Peter Maxwell‘s house.  Peter and Sarah had 3 children:

  1. William Maxwell (b. 1876)
  2. Dilia Maxwell (b.1879)
  3. Lucien Maxwell (b.1880)

Lucien’s second child was Virginia Maxwell.  She married Captain Alexander Scammel Brooks Keys on 30 March 1870.  They had 7 children:

  1. Jeff Keys (b.1871)
  2. Berenice Mary Keys (b.1871)
  3. Alexander Hugh Keys
  4. Maxwell Keys (b.1873)
  5. Edward S. Keys
  6. Lucy Beatrice Keys
  7. Geoffrey Keys

Lucien’s third child was Emelia Maxwell.  She married Manuel Abreu and they had one child,

  1. L. Bersingo Abreu, born March 1880.

Lucien’s third daughter was Maria Sophia Maxwell.  She married Telesfor Jaramillo on 15 February 1874.  They had six children:

  1. Adela Jaramillo (b.1875)
  2. Trinidad Jaramillo (b.1877)
  3. Leopoldo Jaramillo (b.1878)
  4. Carlos Alfredo Jaramillo (b.1881)
  5. Luis Jaramillo (born and died in infancy)
  6. Sophia Jaramillo (bone and died in 1887)

The following is a list of 2 burials occurring in Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials in Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico.

Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials

Maxwell Plaza Memorial, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Maxwell Plaza Memorial

Maxwell Plaza Sign, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Maxwell Plaza Sign

Cemetery: Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials
GPS: N 36.50564 W 104.91894
County: Colfax
Directions: Exit 426 from I-25, W on Maxwell Ave, S on 3rd St past water tanks on right, W on dirt track; cemetery just beyond cattle guard, N side.

Maxwell Plaza Cemetery and Memorials, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Surname Given Birth Death Age Notes
Beaubien Pabla 1811 Dec 28 1864 Aug 13 52 Wife of Charles Beaubien (1800-1864)
Maxwell Verenisa 1860 1864 Mar 18 3 Granddaughter of Charles & Pabla Beaubien