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Little bits of trivia or history about Cemeteries and burials.  If you have something you would like to contribute, please use contact.

Today, a tombstone is a tribute marking someone's final resting place, but the custom began within ancient fears that the departed spirit might rise from the grave to search out and inhabit the body of a living person. To prevent this, the coffin was nailed shut, a heavy stone was placed on its lid and it was buried deep in the ground. For even great security, another heavier stone was placed on the surface over the grave, giving us the name, tombstone." "Little Book of Answers" by Doug Lennox. My grandson, Eric Barry, found it.

Graveyard Shift
In the days before burial the family brought the deceased home for others to see before they were placed in the ground. It worried some that the deceased would not be dead when they were put in the ground, so they would attach a wire to the deceased hand run it outside the casket up through the dirt to a bell hung by the side of the grave. All through the night a family member would set by the grave waiting to see if the bell rang. Hence the graveyard shift. Unknown


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