Cibola County New Mexico Cemeteries

Acomita Cemetery, Cibola County, New Mexico

Cemetery: Acomita Cemetery
GPS: N 35.05112 W 107.59473
County: Cibola
Directions: I-40 Exit 102 (Sky City Casino); S to small traffic circle, E to Indian Service Road (ISR) 130 (Pueblo Rd); SW and W 1.6 mi on ISR 30 to cemetery, S side.

What’s New?

Cibola County was created 19 June 1981. It is the last county to form in New Mexico. It was named after the Seven Cities of Cibola. Grants is the County Seat. Cibola County is rich in mining, including uranium. Tourism, milling, camping and outdoor sports are major assets. Beautiful Wide-open spaces are abundant in Cibola County.

Alphabetical List of Cemeteries in Cibola County

Old Cemetery List

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Budville  aka Cubero Old
Casa Blanca
Cubero New
El Morro
Fence Lake
Grants Memorial Park aka Boot Hill
La Morada aka San Rafael
Mount of Peace aka McCarty’s
Paraje aka Saint Margaret Mary
Pioneer aka  Bluewater
San Esteban Mission aka Acoma Pueblo
San Fidel
San Mateo
Savoia Pioneer
Seama Village aka Hinshaw
Seboyeta aka Cebolleta