McKinley County New Mexico Cemeteries

Fort Wingate Cemetery

Cemetery: Fort Wingate Cemetery
GPS: N 35.46480 W 108.54402
County: McKinley
Directions: I-40 Exit 33; S 3.2 mi on NM 400, W side. Behind blocked off area of old Fort Wingate. No current access.

McGaffey Cemetery

Cemetery: McGaffey Cemetery
GPS: N 35.37039 W 108.52363
County: McKinley
Directions: I-40 Exit 36; W on Rte 66 (Frontage Rd) to NM 400 southbound under interstate. S on NM 400 approximately 10 miles to where NM 400 curves E; S 0.3 mi on unnamed road to cemetery, S side.

Ojo Encino Cemetery

Cemetery: Ojo Encino Cemetery
GPS: N 35.95647 W 107.34896
County: McKinley
Directions: Community at intersection of Indian Service Road 471 and Star Lake Road. GPS is for community of Ojo Encino. Location of cemetery unknown.

Old Gallup Cemetery

Cemetery: Old Gallup
GPS: N 35.53414 W 108.74978
County: McKinley
Directions: N from 1-40 Exit 20 to first street, W Maloney Ave (NM 609); E on W Maloney to N 5th St; N on N 5th St 4 blocks to cemetery.

Old Rehoboth Cemetery

Cemetery: Old Rehoboth Cemetery
GPS: N 35.52196 W 108.65418
County: McKinley
Directions: I-40 Exit 26 at Gallup to Route 66; E 0.9 mi to Loop Rd going S; S 0.35 mi on Loop Rd to Hogback Rd; 1.5 mi S and E on Hogback Rd to dirt road leading due S and Hogback Rd curves SE; Follow dirt road S 0.35 mi to cemetery, NW side. Only 4-5 visible graves.

Old Zuni Mission Cemetery, Zuni

Cemetery: Zuni Mission (Old) Cemetery
GPS: N 35.06784 W 108.84910
County: McKinley County
Directions: From NM 53 in Zuni, S on Sandy Hills St; S and W 1 block to Old Mission Road; S to Plaza Dr. Plaza Circle and Old Mission Road.

Ram Springs Cemetery, Navajo Nation Reservation

Cemetery: Ram Springs Cemetery
GPS: N 35.62796 W 108.78270
County: McKinley
Directions: At Yah-ta-Hey, about 7.8 mi N of Gallup on US 491. Exact location of cemetery unknown.

What’s New?

Fort Wingate Cemetery, McKinley County, New Mexico

The following is a list of 72 burials occurring at the Fort Wingate Cemetery in McKinley County, New Mexico. Since this is a ‘sensitive’ base, albeit not used any longer, there is no verification if they are still there. But we list them as buried at that time in Fort Wingate.

Old Cemetery List

Being caught in transition, unfortunately, temporarily brings with it 2 different methods of finding a grave. The list above are cemeteries which have been added to the new website, while the cemeteries in the list below are those that have not yet been transferred to this website. As we move the cemeteries over to the newer format, they will disappear below and appear above.

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