New Mexico Tombstone Transcription Project

What’s New?

This project is dedicated to transcribing tombstones in the State of New Mexico.

You have caught us in a state of flux as we update this old website into a newer, easily searchable version of it’s old self. As we proceed to transfer the old cemeteries over to their newer format, we will also continue adding new cemetery listings.

Site Conversion Update

Number of cemeteries and interments converted or added to the new format.

Number of Cemeteries

Number of Burials

Where does This Information Come From?

“I think it’s important that we disclose where this information comes from, as it is not just a transcription of previous records. Of the over 2200 burial sites in New Mexico, our group has walked 480 of them to date and continue to find and walk others. Due the difficulty in determining rows in many abandoned cemeteries, very few are listed here by actual row and grave numbers. Most are listed only alphabetically. Besides walking and photographing cemeteries, our listings come from death records, obituaries, death certificates, histories of towns, previous listings in the Genealogy library, etc. as well as family members.”

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