Union County New Mexico Cemeteries

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Alphabetical List of Cemeteries in Union County

Old Cemetery List

Being caught in transition, unfortunately, temporarily brings with it 2 different methods of finding a grave. The list above are cemeteries which have been added to the new website, while the cemeteries in the list below are those that have not yet been transferred to this website. As we move the cemeteries over to the newer format, they will disappear below and appear above.

Note that the cemeteries in the list below are not searchable using the search for the website!

Union Amistad
Union Brown
Union Capulin
Union Carrizo
Union Centerville
Union Clayton
Union Clayton IOOF
Union Creed
Union Des Moines
Union Drew
Union Folsom
Union Garcia Plaza
Union Giles
Union Gladstone
Union God’s Acre
Union Grandview
Union Grenville
Union Hardesty
Union Hayden Baptist
Union Hereford
Union Knollwood
Union Maplewood
Union Martinez (Capulin)
Union Miera
Union Miscellaneous cemetery burials
Union Miscellaneous FL burials
Union Overbay
Union Rivera
Union Saint Joseph
Union Sedan
Union Shaha
Union Sofia
Union Thomas
Union Wanetta
Union Zurick