San Juan County New Mexico Cemeteries

Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington

Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington, San Juan County, New Mexico

Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington, San Juan County, New Mexico

Cemetery: Greenlawn Cemetery
GPS: N 36.74561 W 108.20224
County: San Juan
Directions: From Butler and E 20th Street, 2 blocks W on E 20th Street to N Dustin Ave; S 0.15 mi to cemetery entrance, E side.

Naschitti Cemetery

Cemetery: Naschitti Cemetery
GPS: N 36.07457 W 108.68444
County: San Juan
Directions: US 491, 0.6 mi N of Naschitti, E side.

Newcomb Cemetery, Newcomb

Cemetery: Newcomb Cemetery
GPS: N 36.28244 W 108.70536
County: San Juan
Directions: Newcomb is approximately 62 mi N of Gallup on US 491. Exact location of cemetery unknown.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery

Cemetery: Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery
GPS: N 36.82129 W 107.65124
County: San Juan
Directions: From intersection of Navajo Dam Rd (NM 173) and NM 511, 2.5 mi NE on NM 511, at which point NM 511 turns SE; after the curve, 0.1 mi N on first road; cemetery about 0.1 mi W of road. Near Navajo Dam, New Mexico.

Sheep Springs Community Cemetery, Sheep Springs

Cemetery: Sheep Springs Community Cemetery
AKA: Sleeping Springs Cemetery
GPS: N 36.16260 W 108.71487
County: San Juan
Directions: N 1.2 mi from Sheep Springs (US 491/NM 134 junction) to road leading W; turn W, across cattle guard, and then almost immediately angle NW across desert approx. 0.3 mi to cemetery.

St Mary's Cemetery, Bloomfield

St Mary's Cemetery, San Juan County, NM

St Mary’s Cemetery Sign, San Juan County, NM

Cemetery: St Mary’s Cemetery
GPS: N 36.73286 W 107.96981
County: San Juan
Directions: 1.45 mi N from Broadway in Bloomfield on US 550 to County Road (CR) 4900 (Arizona); E 0.5 mi on CR 4900 to Saiz; Cemetery in SE corner of CR 4900 and Saiz.

Sullivan Cemetery

Cemetery: Sullivan Cemetery
AKA: Brown Cemetery
AKA: Sullivan Hill Cemetery
AKA: Top of the Hill Cemetery
GPS: N 36.76416 W 108.17984
County: San Juan
Directions: N 0.7 mi on N Butler from E 30th St.; take dirt roads E to Towers (D on map); NE to Y; keep left at Y and continue to cemetery.

Two Grey Hills Cemetery

Cemetery: Two Grey Hills Cemetery
GPS: N 36.23574 W 108.80173
County: San Juan
Directions: From Newcomb, NM, on US 491, approximately 6 mi SW on Indian Service Route (ISR) 192 an ISR 19B to fork in road; follow right fork, ISR 5001, and additional 1.9 mi to Two Grey Hills Trading Post. Exact cemetery location unknown.

What’s New?

San Juan County was created 24 January 1887. It was named for the San Juan River which begins in the San Juan Mountains. This is the ancient home of the Anasazi. Aztec is the county seat. This county is awash with ancient history, from Aztec Ruins National Monument to Chaco Canyon National Historical Park and the Navajo Nation. This area is rich in agriculture, clean air, open skies, and natural resources.

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