Grant County New Mexico Cemeteries

Grijalva Cemetery

Cemetery: Grijalva Cemetery
GPS: N 32.84563 W 107.97143
County: Grant
Directions: E from Santa Clara on NM 152 to NM 35 at San Lorenzo; 4.3 mi N of NM 152 toward Mimbres on NM 35, SW side.

Memory Lane Cemetery, Silver City

Cemetery: Memory Lane Cemetery
AKA: Knights of Pythias Cemetery
AKA: IOOF Cemetery
GPS: N 32.78409 W 108.25662
County: Grant
Directions: E side of Silver City off US 180 (Silver Heights Blvd). W from Super Wal-Mart 0.5 mi to South bound Memory Lane, S to cemetery.

Savannah Cemetery, Tyrone Mine

Cemetery: Savannah Cemetery
AKA: Leopold Cemetery
GPS: N 32.64379, W 108.35696
County: Grant
Directions: S from Silver City to Phelps Dodge Mine Rd, W and SW 1 mi, W side.

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Being caught in transition, unfortunately, temporarily brings with it 2 different methods of finding a grave. The list above are cemeteries which have been added to the new website, while the cemeteries in the list below are those that have not yet been transferred to this website. As we move the cemeteries over to the newer format, they will disappear below and appear above.

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