Masonic Cemetery, Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico

What is known in Las Vegas as the Masonic Cemetery is actually three cemeteries: Masonic, International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) and Montefiore.

The IOOF Lodge #4 was instituted in October 26, 1879 and the IOOF cemetery was bought soon afterwards. The grounds were fenced and divided into 510 lots. The earliest burial recorded in the IOOF Cemetery book was in 1880 but there is a tombstone in the cemetery bearing a death date of 1868. Either the IOOF bought an existing (small) cemetery or an 1868 burial was moved to the new cemetery. No records exist of this information.

The March 7 1888 Las Vegas Daily Optic newspaper reported that a deed from the Odd Fellows to N.L. Rosenthal, as trustee of the Montefiore Congregation. And in addition, the Odd Fellows Cemetery record book shows several blocks as “sold to Montefiore Church.” This is also referred to as the Jewish Cemetery.

In 1886, John H. Adam was in charge of both the Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery. In November of 1900, The Optic newspaper reported that James Young was given the contract for “the building of 1,400 feet of fence around the Masonic Cemetery. The fence is to be built of white sandstone with large capstones of same material”.

In September 1912, the Optic again reported that the contract for erection of a chapel and gate lodge at the Masonic Cemetery had been let to Richard Smith and Frank Reveil. The building was designed by E.W. Hart, a local architect. The building was to be equipped with six concrete receiving vaults and became known as the Charles Ilfeld Chapel. This building burned to the ground in 1988.

During the 1980’s the Masonic and Montefiore cemeteries, which are still in use, were fenced off from the IOOF Cemetery which has since been abandoned for all practical purposes.

Notes are taken from history of grounds and Las Vegas Optic.

This is a list of 2361 burials occurring at the Masonic Cemetery in Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico.

Cemetery: Masonic Cemetery
GPS: N 35.59731 W 105.23751
County: San Miguel
Directions: At W end of Colonias St. (extension from Mills when Mills [NM 329] turns S).

Masonic Cemetery, Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico