Lake Arthur Cemetery, Lake Arthur, Chavez County, New Mexico

This is a list of 2 burials occurring at the Lake Arthur Cemetery in Lake Arthur, Chavez County, New Mexico.

Cemetery: Lake Arthur Cemetery
GPS: N 33.00843  W 104.37947
County: Chavez County
Directions: N 9 mi from US 285/NM 2 junction (N of Artesia) on NM 2 to NM 557 (Pueblo Rd); W 0.7 mi; S side

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wdt_ID Surname Given Birth Death Age Notes
1 Aguilar Jesus 1935 Sep 21 2018 Mar 30 82 Born Artesia, NM
2 Baeza Maria Guadalupe Montoya 1959 Feb 3 2018 Aug 2 59 Born Redford, TX